Thursday, February 10, 2011

Class(ification) is in session (part 2)

Lesson 3, part 2!

This is a continuation of the last lesson, but now about manga/anime genres. Keep in mind that many stories tend to be a combination of these. Today though, we'll start off with the "general" genres.
  • Action: Fighting, violence, just aggression in general. Typically associated with shonen manga.
  • Adventure: Typically the character(s) will be heading off on a journey of some sort
  • Comedy: Stories intended to amuse. There are also sub-genres that depend upon "key locations" (such as "school comedy")
  • Drama: Intended to invoke some sort of emotion in the reader
  • Fantasy: Magic, superpowers, and just stuff that doesn't have a scientific explanation
  • Horror: Intended to strike fear into the reader. The artwork in these can get rather gory sometimes.
  • Mystery: Unexplainable events? Mysterious cases? Keep guessing til the end, when all will (hopefully) be revealed
  • Romance: When love is a key theme. Typically associated with shojo manga
  • Sci-Fi: When the power of science has its limits lifted. Aliens, portrayals of the future, etc
  • Sports:  The story centers around sports of course. Usually focuses on the journey of a group from being nobodies to being champions
Not that bad huh? Its basically just like how you'd categorize a movie or something. But keep in mind that this is just the beginning. Next time, we'll be moving on to some categories that are more "unique" to manga/anime.

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