Saturday, February 12, 2011

Class(ification) is in session (part 3)

Lesson 3, Part 3!

This time we'll be dealing with genres that tend to be more unique to manga/anime.
  • Mecha: When there's walking vehicles piloted by somebody. Who doesn't love giant robots? 
  • Psychological: Where the character's mindset is an important element of the story; emotional instability, guilt, and fears all help to advance the plot. Can be disturbing at times; insanity usually has a reason after all.
  • Harem: Typically associated with romance-comedies, this involves several female characters who attracted to a male character. Often, the male character will be completely oblivious to the affections of those around him. If its multiple males attracted to a single female, its known as a "reverse harem"
  • Ecchi: Literally the translation would be something akin to "lewd" or "dirty". Expect borderline nudity and skimpy outfits. The censorship ability of giant clouds of steam is astounding
  • Shonen Ai/Yaoi: "Boys love". Focuses on romantic relationships between men. Seems to be quite popular amongst Japanese women
  • Shojo Ai/Yuri: "Girls love". Basically the female equivalent of Shonen Ai/Yaoi, focusing on romantic relationships between women.
  • Gender Bender: When switching genders is a major element in the story; can be about cross-dressing or switching bodies.
That's all for now!  Next time, we'll finally move onto Lesson 4!


    1. Do you have any suggestions for shows that are focused around Mechs and have lots of action sequences?

    2. Any of the "Gundam" series should be pretty good.
      "Mobile Suit Gundam 00" is the latest installment in the franchise, though the plot may be a tad hard to follow considering the sheer number of characters/perspectives.

      "Code Geass" is also supposed to be excellent though I have not personally watched the series yet.

      "Neon Genesis Evangelion" is also a classic though I wouldn't recommend it to an "anime novice"